The Evohold Recycling Scheme is the best way to help save the environment, we take back all of your unwanted, used and broken ID Accessories and equipment. Including Printers, ribbons, lanyards, Holders and Accessories.

We separate, clean and recycle them into new products.  The ultimate way of complying with GDRP and being Eco Friendly.

What’s more if it was made by us in the first place, you’ll have helped with the worlds first “Closed Loop” ID Recycling scheme.

Feel free to use the logo to show you are part of the scheme.

The Scheme is open to all simply send your items directly to us at:

Evohold Ltd
Cumeragh Lane

If you let us know who sent them we'll give you a mention on social media, to help with your marketing.  Or simply use the #Evohold


Evohold Recycling Scheme

Yes your personal information is safe, we are registered with the ICO for handing personal data and all personal informatin is distroyed within 1 hour of entering premises.


When any item like ID Cards or Printer ribbons are sent back they are desroyed within 1 hour of us receiving them.  Any packages recvied are sorted into different items.


ID cards are put into a granulator and ground up then stored.

Printer ribbons are stripped of the ribbon and core elements, the ribbons are also granulated within an hour of being on site.


Lanyards are stripped of the components and divided into seperate storage containers, as you can imagine the seperating of the components distroys the lanyard.


Plastics are seperate in to the same types:

Safety breaks and plastic lanyards clips are made from PP, as are most holders.. the same as ours, so all PP items are ground up cleaned and put into our storage bins to be made in to new Holders.


Most laynards are made from Polyester, which is  PET the same as carbonated drinks plastic bottles, these can be ground up cleaned and made in to new Rpet products.


Metal lanyard components are sent off to the scrap metal merchant for recyling.


PVC cards are cleaned and gound up to be made into new PVC prodcuts.


Bamboo lanyards are stripped and the bamboo is sent off site, as we no longer recycle on site, the best options for these is to put in general waste, as they can no longer be recylced.


Biodegradable ID card Holders - now must go into general waste, they cannot be recyled, as we no longer make them, and the UK does not have facilities for them.


How does it work? IS personal information safe?