Evohold Recyclable ID CArd Holders

Recyclable id holders, the best for the environment


Our Recyclable ID Holders are fully recyclable either in your plastics recycling bin or sent back to us to make into new holders.


These are much better for the envirnment than any Biodegradable version. The problem with the biodegradable holders are that they are still made using plastic, so you need more new plastic every time, pus they cannot be recylced so haveot either be incinerated or go to landfill.  Recycled holders using 100% recycled material actually use 74% less CO2 than virgin material.

OPen Faced Rigid


Thse are the most cost affective and popular holders, they can hold 1 or more (depending on style) of ID card, you simply slide the card under the lips on the holder and it is held firmly in place.

Our recyclable holders are available in 15 Standard colours and unlimited bespoke colours. They come in Single and Double Sided, Landscape and Portrait. 

They come in handy trays which take up as little space as possible, when your done the whole products and packaging can be recyled.  Most other suppliers and brands have excessive packaging and are held together with elastic bands, which not only end up in landfill but also bend the holders.